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Join a program that provides exemplary students with the opportunity to work on meaningful assignments and gain real world experiences in the following fields.

Human and Animal Research & Development


Supply Chain

Engineering & Manufacturing



Information Technology

Internships: 9 to 12 weeks between June and August.

Co-Ops: 4 to 6 month assignments.


Applications are generally accepted in the fall. MSD may be visiting your campus or simply view our web site to review and apply to open positions. Because internships are constantly opening and closing continue to check often or create your profile for future notifications.

Review and apply to open Internships & Co-Ops

See what our interns are saying about working at MSD!

Name:Philip Conlon

School:Queen’s University Belfast

Major:Biological Science (BSc Hons)

Business Unit:Clinical Research Associate / MRL


“ It’s difficult to put into words how a year with MSD has changed my life. Working within Global Clinical Trials Operations (GCTO) has allowed me to dive head-first into an exciting and rapidly-expanding industry that continues to benefit patients around the world. During my time at MSD I experienced going out to sites along with my mentor to monitor bladder cancer trials as a Junior Clinical Research Associate, allowing me to grasp the foundations of how GCTO works hand-in-hand with hospitals and clinics throughout the UK and Ireland. The opportunity to get to know country directors as well as Senior Vice Presidents has allowed me to expand my connections while also getting to know some of the most experienced people in the industry. The internship program has continued to challenge me in every aspect of my professional development, while ensuring that I am best equipped for the future through the development of my leadership skills and confidence.”

– Philip Conlon


Talent development matters at MSD. With the right mindset and aptitude, you can develop professionally and help MSD become a leading growth company.
Apply your education to any number of areas and actively engage with how your degree applies to the health care industry.

Review and apply to open Internships & Co-Ops

MSD Manufacturing Leadership Development

New to MMD (MSD Manufacturing Division) is the MSD Manufacturing Leadership Development Program. Based on years of success with rotational programs, we are transforming to the LDP (Leadership Development Program) for an even more powerful leadership curriculum and link to core business needs. Successful candidates are new college graduates with a B.S. or M.S. in key STEM or supply chain majors, with a focus on biotechnology. They will be selected through a rigorous assessment process to evaluate academic understanding in their field as well as demonstrated leadership and leadership potential.

The LDP is a three-year opportunity to experience the core work necessary to manufacture and supply MSD’s products. Each employee will have three, one-year rotations aligned to either a technical, business or operations focus. This track design enables deeper understanding to accelerate contribution. Throughout the program, a deliberate learning and development plan is applied to supplement the rotational experiences, specifically to fortify professional and leadership skills. Biannual program meetings and a cohort project complete the design to facilitate a breadth of understanding for each LDP member. A mentoring program is provided at three levels to coach each LDP member in career and leadership development. Following the program, LDP members apply to jobs in MMD to continue their successful career in manufacturing.

Early Emerging Talent Rotation Program (IT)

What do cyber security, social media, manufacturing automation, and research analytics have in common? They are all potential project opportunities with the Emerging Talent Rotational (ETR) program in the Information Technology (IT) division.

The ETR program offers recent college graduates a chance to experience different areas of IT over a two-year period. Its goal is to build a premier IT rotational program with top-tier talent that possess both leadership potential as well as critical capabilities. ETRs will rotate through three 8-month assignments aimed at developing their technical, business, and leadership skillsets.

Each individual will be partnered with a buddy, a coach and an executive mentor who will be able to help with acculturation at MSD and career planning. Participants have the advantage of meeting with and learning from the top managers in IT as well as having access to high level executives who will mentor and counsel the participant throughout the program duration. Additionally, the program has strong alumni engagement and sponsorship from all levels of the organization.

Rotations are assigned based on the individual’s development interest, discussions with his/her mentor and business need. Participants have the added opportunity to request a short-term global assignment in Europe and/or Asia Pacific. During the program, ETRs participate in facility tours, speaker series, social and networking activities, and training/development courses. At the conclusion of the program, ETRs work with program and IT leaders to identify long-term career opportunities within the organization.

We welcome the newest B.S., M.S., and MBA graduates in science, technology, engineering, and math to apply to our program. The best candidates are those who are thought leaders, strong communicators, and passionate about technology and innovation.